Company Profile

Filtex Como srl is a family business established in Luisago (CO) on 30 January 1980. For over 30 years, the company has been working in the field of textile ennobling, in particular dyeing and finishing threads and yarns on bobbins on customers needs. Our aim is to comply with the increasingly high requirements of our customers, ensuring the highest quality and service standards.

Ours is a story of success. The production unit of Luisago, covering an area of 8000m2, has been steadily growing in the course of the years; our machines, equipment and technological assets are constantly upgraded and improved. A new production unit, “FX2”, located in the municipality of Villa Guardia, has been added in 2002 at the original plant in Luisago that nowadays accommodates 40 dyeing machines, 33 used for production and 7 for laboratory activities.

In the first months of 2000, the growing demand for larger dye batches, the increasing cost of energy and growing incidence of the cost of labour, led the management to introduce a new concept of yarn-dyeing factory characterized by total automation and high production efficiency, with a specialization in the dyeing of synthetic polyester yarns.

La produzione presso l’impianto di Villa Guardia è stata purtroppo sospesa nel 2009 quaThe reaction of Filtex Como to the tremendous crisis that exploded in 2008 was focused on improving production efficiency, raising quality standards, developing an aggressive commercial strategy and investing in R&D projects aimed to develop new dyeing effects.

The history of Filtex Como is characterized by the passion that all the staff and employees have fot the textile industry, their love for details; the small but constant steps the company has made towards constantly higher quality standards; the inventiveness, creative spirit, discipline and hard work of the company main functions. Thanks to all these characteristics, Filtex Como has become leader in the dyeing of all types of threads and yarns used in the production of fabrics, knitwear and accessories.

POLYESTER, POLIAMMIDE, VISCOSE, COTTON, LINEN, WOOL, SILK, ACETATE…all the strictest requirements of our customers in terms of treatment of natural fibres of animal origin, or of synthetic fibres, are met with top quality standards. Products diversification, in terms of types of treated fibres and equipment capacity/flexibility, is without any doubts one of the main ingredients of our constant success and development. We are part of a supply chain, we firmly believe in the potential of the textile district of Como, we share our success with suppliers and clients; we are innovative and ambitious, we set ourselves neither territorial nor technological limits.