Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and to the competence of our highly qualified staff, the laboratory has become the showpiece of our company. Ten employees working in the laboratory create new color recipes for the customers, test the incoming materials, regularly monitor the dyeing processes, check the finished products and develop and improve our dyeing techniques. 


Quality Control Laboratory filtex


The Recipe preparation department takes samples of new colours and run tests in order to meet the strict requirements of our customers. The ColorMaster software package supplied by SedoTreepoint is an advanced system of recipe management and chromatic measurement, allowing the calculation of the best and most cost-effective recipes. As far as production is concerned, the integrated processes of ColorMaster provide the best possible treatment, define the correct dyeing program, the colorimetric control in the various production steps and calculate the required quantity adjustments and respective additional treatments. 

Our fast service, ensured by the rapid delivery of the sample skeins for colour approval, is based on the presence in the plant of 6 Labomat Mathis machines, each with 12 positions, and of a “small” dyehouse department with 7 small-load autoclaves for yarn dyeing at the same conditions and with the same processes used in the main dyehouse.



Thread slippage and tenacity tests, colour-fastness, rubbing, washing and sweat resistance tests; the Quality Control Laboratory ensures the monitoring of production batches, verifying the conformity to the colour fastness parameters of the customer as well as colour shade conformity both at the end of the process and during packaging of the ready-for-delivery materials. In its physical and electronic archives, Filtex Como has classified over 80,000 dyeing recipes, created in more than 30 years of activity in the yarn-dyeing sector.


Quality Control Laboratory filtex