Textile finishing processes are particularly energy consuming and for this reason we are constantly striving to reduce resource consumption through optimization of the dyeing processes.

In this framework, in 2003, in close cooperation with Noseda srl (traditionally Filtex Como srl supplier of dyeing autoclaves) and with a substantial R&D investment, we opened an innovative dyehouse mill with horizontal dyeing machines and state-of-the-art technologies, allowing the implementation of a revolutionary dyeing process that uses the so-called acquaZERO® technology. 


The acquaZERO® process allows to use bath ratios of 1:3 instead of the old 1:10 / 1:12 standard. The resulting reduction in water consumption amounts to 65% and corresponds to a similar reduction in the consumption of fuel required for water heating, and to a use of chemicals and auxiliaries dosed according to the water volume of the dyebath.

Years of constant research, the installation of new machines with acquaZERO® technology and the upgrading of our equipment to fourth generation models, have redefined our production standards for all types of yarn (synthetic and natural).  

Recently, we have adopted the acquaZERO® technology for the dyeing of silk yarns (see acquaZERO® information) and have introduced a logo identifying the products obtained through processes that use the acquaZERO® technology: