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Colour weighing and dosing department

Colour weighing
Filtex Como

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Colour weighing department and dosing department of chemicals/auxiliaries

The colour kitchen meets the requirements of production by working three shifts a day (24h). The department has two carousel storage racks with 250 positions, interconnected by means of an automated trolley. Each box of dyestuff is identified by a bar code and the optical recognition terminals ensure the immediate identification of all stored goods, thus preventing human error. The weighing management system developed and supplied by SedoTreepoint optimizes weighing within one tenth of gram tolerance and with its stock control functions monitors the stock. The automated dosing system for chemicals and auxiliaries has been developed in cooperation with the firm POZZI Leopoldo.

The DOSATEX system, with 60 tanks and as many electromechanical valves and product transfer lines to the dyeing autoclaves and control panels, ensures not only completely automated operation, but also operators’ safety, environment-friendly processes and absolute precision of dosage quantities and times.

The management system constantly monitors the quantity of stored products by means of level probes. Besides, the management system determines the limit values under which products should be ordered, autonomously generating the orders.

Machine Load

Click here to download the load machine's document from 01-05-2017

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